Rajac, a Serbian village, is situated on the road between Zajecar and Negotin. The village is 50km away from Zajecar and 25km away from Negotin.


The simplest and the most preferable way to get to Rajac and The Rajac wine cellars is by the road from Negotin. It takes about half an hour drive to Rajac. If you take this road,you will go through the villages of Kobišnica, Veljkovo and Rogljevo. The next village is Rajac with its famous Rajac wine cellars. Along the way, pay attention to 6 railway crossings.

Another way to get to Rajac is from Zajecar. The road will take you through the villages of Veliki Izvor, Halovo, Mali Jasenovac,Sipikovo and Bracevac. The length of this road is 43 kilometers, with a lot of beautiful natural sights and good asphalt, but with more curves.

There is also a third way to get to Rajac, but we do not recommend it because the road is rather poor, with a lot of holes. But if you choose it – here are the guidelines. At the 25th kilometre of the Zajecar –Negotin road ,you should turn and continue along the secondary road to Brusnik and Tamnic.

More and more people from our country, as well as from abroad, come to this village which is famous for the Rajac wine cellars (Rajačke pivnice-the local term).
Red and white wine kept in the barrels in the stone cellars have a unique taste, aroma and colour. Because of its exceptional quality, the wine has been proved to have miraculous powers and medical properties (if it’s consumed in small quantities, of course).
On the hill above the village, where there are the wine cellars, there is also a unique old cemetery, the gravestones of which were built from sandstone, the same rock used for building wine cellars.

The hosts Zoran and Emina Milenović have two ethno houses with many antiques from all over “Timocka Krajina”. Along with the houses, there is a unique ethnic dining room with the kitchen and fireplace.

Zoran i Emina Milenović, contact phone number : 064\39-81-604, 065\9-666-205

Villa Milenović offers:

  • Guests have access to 5 rooms (1 with 4 beds, 2 with 2 beds and 2 rooms with 1 bed) with a total of 10 beds and 2 bathrooms.
  • tour through the village, cellars and ancient monuments (or with tractor adjusted for tourists)
  • table tennis and basket-table
  • tasting and buying red and white wines, as well as domestic Komova brandy
  • buying souvenirs
  • During spring and summer, guests can use the garden with benches, tables and chairs to enjoy the coffee with Turkish delight (ratluk) and fresh water from nearby natural wells.


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